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Earn 50%

With 's affiliate program you can earn recurring commissions just for sharing with others. 

Getting started is easy, just Click Here to create your free ThanksAffiliates.Com account now!


  •  You'll earn 50% recurring whenever you share your affiliate link and someone signs up for our "Wholesale" $49 Monthly Plan. (Commissions are not paid on card sends, we keep our sending prices as low as possible for customers, so our margins are far too slim for paying affiliate commissions on actual card sends. :) 

  •  Commissions become payable 30 days after the payment is made by the referred customer. (To allow time for refunds, etc.) 

  •  Payouts are made on or before the 5th of each month to your PayPal Account. (If you don't have a PayPal account linked to the email address connected to the affiliate program, you'll receive a notice from PayPal asking you to link that email to your account in order to accept payment.) 

  •  There is a $50 payment threshold. If you'd like to be paid for amounts less than $50 owed we can do so by request in the form of postcard credits.

Once logged in, you'll see your main affiliate link and other tools on the dashboard page.

Marketing Your Link

You can also use the quick sharing buttons to quickly get people clicking on your link. 

You'll also find a growing list of case studies and examples that you can drive traffic to... (you'll be able to access a unique affiliate link for each example on the list.)


Anytime you receive a new lead or make a sale, you'll receive an email update

You can view your stats by clicking on the "Analytics" link in the dashboard.


 And you can see commissions owed and paid by clicking on the "Commissions" link.   

  • If you have any questions about how the affiliate program works, feel free to email at any time. 

  • If you happen to have a large audience and would like for us to co host a webinar or join you on a Podcast episode, just let us know!