How To Send Real Estate Postcards To Absentee Owners


With the system it's possible to mail postcards to an owner's home address, but reference the subject property (that you're trying to list) in the body of your postcard or letter.

To get this done, you'll need to have

  • "CUSTOM1" in the mailing list contact record set to "absentee" (all lowercase)

  • "CUSTOM2" in the mailing list contact record set to "Street, City, State, Zip" (the subject property address with commas between each field)

Click here to open a google sheets sample file you can reference as an example.

Once you've got your import file uploaded, you can then create dynamic postcards with a picture of the subject property (and other send types like letters and notecards) using regular image and message functionality.

(as mentioned toward the end of Ryan's video above, if you want/need any help executing your absentee campaign just chat or email us and we'll get you going...)