Collect & Add-To-List: Landing Page


Address Collection Landing Pages

The address collection landing page is a very simple form you can customize & use to collect information at the end of your marketing funnel or after your landing page. Use it like an Open House sign-in sheet, Newsletter sign up form, etc.

Any people collected by the form are automatically deposited into your mailing list.

It can be personalized in a very basic manner, allowing you to set the:

  • Page Title

  • Header Text

  • Sub-header Text

  • Background Image URL

  • Optional Redirect URL - This is used if you need to send them to a new page after they enter their information.

How To Create A Landing Page

Landing pages are always attached to a Mailing List

Create or Open an existing mailing list to begin.

Scroll Down to find the Address Collection Landing Page tool on the left.

  • Page Title sets the actual title of the webpage which usually shows in the a tab.

  • Header sets the large text.

  • Subheader sets the small text.

  • Background Image URL - Upload or set the image URL to use as the graphic for the landing page.

  • Redirect URL - Set a URL to redirect the visitor to upon submitting the form.

Click Publish to get your List-specific Landing Page URL.

  • Technically you could offer a landing page as a method to gate a gift card by leveraging the Redirect URL.

  • Whenever a new contact is added to a mailing list, a Zapier trigger is available.