How To Create A Message Template


Click on 'Message Templates' on the left.

Click on 'Add Message' at the top right.

Then, select the type from the section at the upper left.

Now, give it a good name at the upper right.

Just below, pick a handwriting style.

Under the handwriting styles, you can set a QR URL (except for gift cards.)

Scroll Down to the section where you can compose a new message.

Click on any of the variables in the gray column at the right to add them to the message body.

note: You can use variables in the QR URL. Just replace the % with a tilde ~. e.g.

Note on message spacing:

See the extra lines above the text entered into the sample above? You can use this method to move your handwritten content around the page. You can add extra lines above or below your text to shrink the size or position it around elements you have designed. This is useful for letters where maybe you want to add a handwritten note to a formal letter you designed in Canva for added effect. The best way to do this is by designing your mailer in Canva, then using our wizard to load the image template and then position your text exactly when you get to the message step.

Finally, save your template at the bottom.