Handwriting Styles For Message Templates


Thanks.io handwriting styles are variable handwritten fonts. The look of the glyph varies with pen pressure simulation, line angle, and the swapping out of some glyphs.

Character Limits

The character limits for message templates for each handwriting style varies. The size of the glyphs determine the overall size of the message, which must fit legibly onto your mailers, so the actual character limit of your message will be determined by which handwriting style you choose, as well as the content of characters in your message. For example, you could fit many more 'i's' in a message than 'a's.'

Current Handwriting Styles Available

Handwriting Color

The color of the fonts used can be changed in settings (Default Handwriting Color.)

Currently Blue, Black, Green, Purple and Red are available.

Handwriting on envelopes: The handwriting style will not automatically match the outside envelope for windowless letters & notecards/gift cards.

Click here for more information: Handwriting Styles For Envelopes