Purchase A 'Leads Please' Mailing List


Leads Please is a third-party list provider that offers a built-in purchasing tool. Their website can be found here: https://www.leadsplease.com/

You can purchase lists from any third party and import them to thanks.io via CSV.

Click on 'Buy Leads' on the left.

Choose Type

Begin by selecting individuals or businesses.

Choose Area

Now, click on the Geography tab and specify your search area. 

You can search cities, zip codes, radius around an address, etc.

Choose Demography

Click on the 'Demography ' tab.

Now, you can use the list of properties on the left to filter out who you want in the list you're purchasing.


Enter the number of addresses you want to purchase in the top right, then click 'Buy List' to add it to thanks.io

Loading & Renaming

Your list may take a minute to load, just wait for the loading icon to stop spinning.

Then, you can rename the list using the blue edit icon on the upper left.