Purchase A Radius Search Mailing List


Click on 'Radius Search' on the left.

Enter paramters

On this popup, you'll set the following:

  • Search Full Address - Enter a complete address as the center point for the radius search.

  • Number of Records - Set the number of mailing list records you would like to purchase. Each recipient found is $0.05.

  • Records Types - thanks.io uses MULTIPLE data sources that we have programmed filters for, to provide an extremely easy method to create farms for marketing purposes. Simply choose the recipient type you would like to target. If you choose businesses, you can optionally select the business owners home instead.

  • Include Condos - Set this to yes or no.

  • Append Email & Phone for $0.20 ea. - This brings the total cost per record to $0.25, but we will skip trace the matches we find to also get their alternate contact information, automatically.

Once you click 'Buy Mailing List' thanks.io will use your credit balance to make the purchase. You can export your mailing list from thanks.io at any time.

Note: You can use this radius search tool via Zapier to automatically find, and mail based on a center point address that you specify. Each found address costs $0.05.