Edited can notify you of events. Here's how:

Dashboard Notifications

Currently, we recommend using on the largest possible screen (a desktop.)

Click on the bell at the top right of your dashboard to review all dashboard notification events:

You may also see on-screen notifications at the upper right while sending and saving various things in

Email Notifications will send you an email (reply to any time an order has been placed, printed, purchased, cancelled or QR code scans.

Zapier Events

We currently offer the following zapier triggers, enabling you to bring the data associated with your mailer into your CRM for follow up.

  • Item Delivered

    • An estimated delivery time, which is useful for phone call follow ups like "did you get my card in the mail?"

  • New Recipient Added

    • Adding a contact to a mailing list via any method will trigger this event. For example, if you need to auto-create customized mailers that require more than 4 variables.

  • QR Code Scan

    • The very best way to connect your physical mail to your digital office. Any time a card is scanned, you can relay the important data to your CRM/Office.