Tracking engagement on your postcards is easy using the 'Tracking URL' feature when you are viewing a mailing list.

Simplified Setup

Simply open a mailing list as if you wanted to view who is in it, and you will see 'Tracking URL' on the left.

Paste in the URL that you want people to be sent upon scanning the QR Code.

(Be sure that your URL starts with http:// or https://)

After an order is placed with this list, you'll see the QR rendered on the address-side.

Address-Side Custom Backgrounds

QR codes will be printed on top of your custom background. A canva postcard template showing the QR code placement can be found here.

Tracking Scan Results

In your settings (here) you can toggle on email reporting for your QR codes.

This will send you an email whenever a QR code from your mailed card is scanned by a particular recipient.

Advanced Setup via API/Zapier

It's possible to set the QR Code URL at the time of ordering via our API or Zapier. This is useful if you want to extend your tracking capabilities on a per-card basis.

Here, I can set a dynamic utm_source based on data provided in a zap trigger, for example. will still notify you via email just the same as when setting the URL for an entire list.

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