Our printers take all required safety and cleaning precautions when handling printing and mailing of our postcards, letters and note cards.  Once the mail pieces are handed off to the USPS for delivery, it is then in their hands and their safety regulations.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), the risks of transmission of coronavirus from a package or mail piece is very low. This is because the virus is generally thought to be spread most often by respiratory droplets that are transmitted by sneezing and coughing. Mail is generally shipped over a period of days and it's not likely the virus would survive on them if exposed in the USPS transfer stations. Here is a helpful link from the USPS on the precautions they take. as well and it also includes some additional CDC information.  


While contracting COVID-19 via mail is unlikely, experts still recommend washing hands and disinfecting surfaces after handling mail and packages. For the latest information please visit the CDC website at:


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