To create or upload a back image, navigate to settings:

Scroll down until you see the Background Image upload tool.

The dimensions of the back design are 1875px by 1275px.


Be sure to delete the placeholder elements from your design before downloading and uploading!!!

After uploading your image, be sure to click the blue 'Save Changes' button!

How To Design The Canva Template

Open the Canva Template link above. It will open the following page. Click "Use Template."

The design has some pre-arranged elements you can edit, move around, or replace.

(Shown by the light blue-bordered pieces.)


  • Click 'Uploads' on the left hand side to upload your own images or logos.

  • When you upload an image, wait for the colored progress bar to complete, then click on the image thumbnail to add it to the design.

  • If you make a mistake you can click the 'Undo' button on the upper left.

  • In you can choose to include a handwritten message on top of the back design, or choose to not use a handwritten message in lieu of an uploaded design in the card builder (click the orange 'Send Now' at the top left of the dashboard to open the card builder.)


Once you have made your edits, you'll want to remove the background image.

(See the green and blue dotted lines...?)

Click on a part of your design that will allow you to select the background, and click 'Delete.'

(Above, The aqua-blue border around the edges of the image indicate the background is selected. DELETE it.)

Yay, no lines!

Look ma, no cut or safety lines on my design!

Now, you can save your background to upload. Click 'Download' at the upper right.

Select PNG as the format, and click the download button.

Now you can upload your newly minted design to your settings page.

How To See/Preview A Custom Back

Note: You cannot preview the custom back option unless you upload a back image design to your settings page.

Click 'Send Now' at the top left.

  • Choose a 4x6 or 6x9 card.

  • Then, select any front design image.

After selecting a front design image, and clicking continue, you'll see the 'Customize Your Message' page. The 'Custom Background' checkbox is selected by default.

You may choose or enter a handwritten message on the left hand side to see it overlay-ed onto the custom background image to see what it will look like when printed.

Note: If you un-check the custom background image checkbox, you must choose or enter a handwritten message on the left hand side before you can click 'Save & Continue.'

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