This landing page is very simple, and easy to embed into other websites if you wish to use it as a way to gather mailing addresses from people, with the right call to action.

Each landing page is generated from within a specific Mailing List.

Whenever addresses are entered into the landing page, they are sent to the Mailing List from where the landing page was generated.

To Create A Landing Page

First, open or create the mailing list that you want the addresses to be sent to.

Next, on the left hand side of the screen, find the landing page tool, titled 'Public Address Addition.'

Now, enter the 'Page Title.' This is the title that will appear in the landing page's tab in a web browser.

Next, enter the 'Header.' This will show on the page above the address entry field.

Additionally, you will enter a 'Subheader' which will add instruction/clarification to your header on the page.

Finally, you may opt to enable the option for people to enter their birthday date. This will prompt them to enter their birthday after they've entered their address.

Note: depending on the context of the page, you might use the subheader to clarify why you are asking for their birthday.

Finally, click Publish.

Note: This does NOT publish your page anywhere for you automatically (such as, to your website.) All it does is generate a link for you to copy. You must embed, or point ads to, or post this landing page yourself in order to get people to use it.

Background Image URL: Supply a URL to replace the default mailbox background image.

Redirect URL: Supply a URL to direct people to when the form is completed.

After publishing,

  • You may copy the URL to the page using the copy button to the right of the URL.

  • You can update any of the fields used by the page, and then click the 'Update/Publish' button to update your page.

  • You can 'Unpublish' the page, in which case if anyone tries to visit the URL that you may have posted somewhere, it will no longer work.

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