Note: When you want to add a logo or another element to a card or letter design, you'll generally want it to have a transparent background. The files with transparent backgrounds are typically in .png format.

In this example we'll put a QR code onto a postcard design. The process is the same if it's a QR Code, or a Logo, on a postcard, or a letter. 

The only difference is the extra step of generating the QR code. 

First - Generate A Code

A QR code is pretty simple to generate. is a free tool you can use to create one. 

Simply enter the URL you want the code to go to, click generate, then click download the PNG.

Next - Add Your Element To Canva

Once your QR Code is downloaded, open your canva design in Then, click 'Uploads' on the left:

Then, click the 'Upload an image' button at the top of the left panel.

Select and upload your QR Code, which will appear in the panel.

Lastly - Add Your Element To Your Design

Click on the uploaded code to place it on your design. You can then resize it by dragging the corners, and dragging the code itself around to the best location. The postcard cut and bleed bounds are estimated on the design, which will show as a purple rectangular border:

That's it! Click to save your design at the top right. 

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