To see the tracking status of your order, find the order on your dashboard.

To the right of the order, click on 'details.'

The tracking status will display at the top of the order page.

  • Processing - Order is processed and in queue for printing at printer facility.

  • Printed - Order is printed and mailed.

  • In Transit - The mail piece is being processed at the entry/origin facility by USPS.

  • In Local Area - The mail piece is being processed at the destination facility by USPS.

  • Out for delivery/Delivered - The mail piece has been green lit for delivery at the recipient's nearest postal facility. The mail piece should reach the mailbox within 1-2 business days of this tracking event depending on USPS schedule.

  • Re-routed - The mail piece is re-routed by USPS due to recipient change of address, address errors, or USPS relabeling of barcode/ID tag area.

  • Returned - The mail piece is being returned by USPS to sender due to barcode, ID tag area, or address errors.

  • Total Failed - The mail piece failed and was not printed. Please see the details of the order for the individual reason the mail piece was not printed and mailed.

These statuses come from our printers and the USPS directly. No individual tracking number will be shown.

Additionally, as no two post offices are managed exactly the same, we cannot guarantee that the tracking status will always be accurate. will not issue refunds based on inaccurate tracking information.

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