To see your recharge settings, access the 'billing' option from the menu at the top right of the dashboard:

Then, scroll down to the recharge option:

This is the amount your card will be charged whenever your balance drops to zero.

Anything your purchase via will leverage your available balance, and then re-charge your account if the amount drops. 

Example 1: Bill has a balance of $52.75 and a recharge amount of $100. He sends 108 $0.49 4x6 postcards. He is 17 cents short, so his card is charged $100.17, and leaves him with a credit balance of  $100.

Example 2: Stacy has $5 in credits and a recharge of $10. She purchases a mailing list  and the list is $10.01. The list purchase uses $5 in credits, and then charges $5.01. Since this leaves a balance of zero, it recharges $10 leaving her with a $10  credit balance.

Hint: Your transaction history at the bottom of the billing page will have all charges listed for review.

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