• thanks.io has one monthly subscription plan for $49 per month. This subscription gives you access to bulk mail pricing. It includes a one-time signup bonus of 100 free cards.

  • If you send more than 100 pieces of mail per month (cards or letters) it's worth it to subscribe to the bulk pricing plan.

To change your bulk subscription preference, click on the settings menu at the top right of your dashboard and open Billing.

Then, select your subscription preference and click the save changes button.

Scroll down to 'Transaction History' to view all charges associated with your account. You can confirm that no subscription charges will post to your account after you change your subscription preference. If you are still being billed after changing your preference, the transaction history will show you the mail orders you are being billed for.

The 'recharge' amount will recharge your account with credits in order to pay for any orders you place through thanks.io. This method is used to avoid billing your card separately for each postcard you purchase. 

Next, you will need to turn off any campaigns you have running. Click on 'Campaigns' on the left side of thanks.io.

To the far right of each campaign you have configured, flip the switch 'off.'

With your campaigns 'off' and your subscription plan set to 'free' you will not be charged for anything on thanks.io, unless you manually place an order.

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