You can download the Google Chrome Extension here.

(note: this guide covers some features that have not yet been released, pending approval from the google chrome webstore. Any features shown here that you do not see in the current version of the extension will be available soon.)

After adding the extension to chrome, you will see the extension icon at the top right corner of chrome.

Click on it, and login to your account.

When you visit a webpage, the extension will scan the page after it loads. If the page loads and the extension did not pick up any addresses, there is a manual 'scan for addresses' button that will re-scan the page again. There has to be an address visible on the page somewhere, in order for the extension to see it.

This is useful on some webpages, where the extension may not be able to pick up the address on the first scan. (In technical terms, this happens when an address data loads after the page itself.)

When an address is found, the extension will have a blue tag with the number of addresses displayed on the page:

Clicking on the icon will show you the addresses it sees.

To add an address to one of your lists in, 

  • Select the address. 

  • Enter the recipients name you want to use for that address. 

  • Select the list you want to add it to, and then click the add to list button.

To send mail to that address:

  • Select the address.

  • Enter the recipients name you want to use for that address. 

  • Choose the message template you want to send.

  • Choose the image template.

  • Click Send.

Note: You can set your default postcard size and handwriting style in your settings. These settings will be used when sending from the extension.

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