note - The 'birthday' date doesn't necessarily have to be a birthday. It can be any date, such as an anniversary.

Prerequisites: Before you can build a campaign you must have set up the three things needed to send a postcard:

  1. Image Template

  2. Message Template

  3. Mailing List

How to design:

Step 1:  Create a New Campaign

Click the "Campaign" button in the left navigation which will bring you here:

Step 2: Add a New Campaign

Click the add a new campaign button in the top right to get started.

Step 3: Set Up Your Campaign Options

You will need to select from the drop downs the mailing list, image template, message template & size of the card you wish to use for this campaign.

Finally, select "Birthday" from the sending options menu.

The Birthday option will send a postcard to your mailing list EVERY YEAR on the date of your mailing list recipient's birthday field. 

The birthday date is found in your mailing list. It can be edited and/or uploaded with your CSV. 

note - cards are sent 7 days in advance so they arrive on your selected day of the month. 

If you would like help configuring cards to send on birthdays, please schedule a meeting with us here.

Birthday Card Templates

Here are a few backgrounds you're welcome to use for your Birthday cards!

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