Step 1: Build a Mailing List

Build a new mailing list called "orders" or something similar by clicking Mailing Lists > Upload CSV

Step 2: Map CSV 

Make sure you map all the mail fields to your CSV upload file. That is address, city, state, zip & name should be mapped to the correct column.

Step 3: Design Your Image & Message 

We are going to reference other FAQ articles for these steps if you don't already know how to do these things

Designing Image & Message

Step 4: Build Your Campaign

Once you have your list, image and message goto campaigns in the left navigation. From there click add a new campaign in the top right.

than choose your list, image template, message template and the sending style "Days After Added", enter value 1. This will send a new postcard 1 day AFTER a new entry is added to your mailing list

Step 5: Add New Record to Your List

When you get new orders and export a new CSV file, you will go to the SAME mailing list you already create and hit "Add to List" in the top right.  

Than you will repeat step 2 again, uploading a new CSV file to the same list and thus triggering the automation to send your card the day after this list was uploaded.

So to summarize, once you have this done, all you have to do is upload a new CSV file to this existing list  and your postcard will be sent automatically making staying in touch with your customers super easy.

For those advanced users, you can even use Zapier to automatically append new customers to your list. To see how to do this click the link below.

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