We have the full United States coverage of all residential & commercial addresses. You are able to narrow these addresses down by tons of filters both geographically & demographically.

Step 1:  Create a New Mailing List
Click the "My Mailing Lists" button in the left navigation which will bring you here:

Step 2:  Click the "Buy Leads" button
This will prompt you to select what type of list you wish to add. Please click on the "Buy Leads" option. 

Please note: you must have billing set up before this option is available.

Step 3:  Choose Your List Type
Choose either residential/individuals or business lists.

Step 4: Choose Your Geographic Area
Choose the area you want to target. You can do this buy the whole country, a zip, city, county or state as well as a radius around a specific address. You can add multiple areas as well. When you add areas the number of record available is shown in the top right.

Step 5: Choose Your Demographics
Depending on whether you choose individuals or businesses, you are supplied with a myriad of demographic filters. The better you filter your list, the better the results will be. If you need any help with recommendations please ask us we have many tricks and tips when it comes to this.

Step 6: Save Your Mailing List
Make sure the number of records you want is set & than hit the "Buy List" button on the bottom right to buy and save your list to thanks.io.

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