Our postcard sending wizard is a quick and easy to to get your postcard designed and shipped in under 10 mins of no-design skill need work. It will step you though the three steps needed to accomplish this.

Step 1: Open the Wizard
Click the orange "Send Postcard" button in the top left of the dashboard or go directly to it by visiting www.postcard123.com.

Then, click on one of the postcard options:

Step 2: Designing the Front Image
You have a few options when it comes to designing the front image for your card:

  •  Edit A Previously Created Image (Click the little "C" icon.)

  • Upload Image - You can upload an image you already created. Images for postcards must be 1875px by 1275px in JPG or PNG format.

  • Design Image - You can design your own card in Canva. Choose by searching for templates, or search for images. You can upload your own logos or images to add/modify using the upload button on the left in Canva.

  • Template Download - Click to download a PSD template if you want to design a card in Photoshop.

After designing your card, you can save it as a template for future reference/sending (optional.) 

Click 'Continue.'

Step 3:  Building the Handwritten Message
The next step is converting your plain text message to our custom handwriting to fill out your message on the back of the card. You may also design a background image for this side of the card. Click here for more information.  

A few things to remember:

  • Keep your message short and sweet. 

  • Get right to the point, tell them what's in it for them. 

  • Starting the message with "I'm writing you today because", works very well.

  • Always give them a call to action like call me at, or go to my website, text me, or scan this QR code.

  • There are 12 handwriting to styles to choose from using the drop down in the top right. Some allow for more space than others.

Step 4:  Selecting Your Mailing List
This step is where you will pick the recipients of your postcard. We have five options to choose from depending on if you want us to build your list or if you have your own data you wish to upload.

  1. Map - The FREE map search allows you to draw on our map using our rectangle or polygon tool (found in the top right of the map). This is build a list of almost every residential (not commercial) address found in that selected region.

  2. Buy Leads - This paid option allows you to not just select residential but also business addresses to send to. You can future narrow down your search by area (zip, city, county, state, polygon) and demographics (income, gender, homeowner, business type, and much much more). The cost is very reasonable at $90 per 1000 addresses.

  3. Addresses - This allows you to manually enter a list of mailing addresses.

  4. CSV File - If you have your own CSV file this is where you would upload it. Please make sure when you do so that you map all the necessary fields or it will not work. If you get stuck you can reach out to support and we can help you upload.

5. Existing List - The last option is where you can select a list you already built. Just select it and it will use that as the list to send to.

Step 6 - Review and Send
Make sure the design and back of the card are what you want to send. You will have a one hour window in which you can cancel any order before it is finalized and printed. Once this is done, it will not be possible to cancel.

The return address will be below the front preview, and you can change it at this time.

Note - The Miami address is the thanks.io default return address. You can leave it unless you want to receive any bounces yourself.

Scroll down to the pricing section to send your card using the orange 'Submit Order & Send Now' button. 

Clicking the 'Send in Future' button loads your message and image and recipient into our campaign builder.

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