Zapier is a FREE online service that connects two different online services together. Think of it as a universal translator of data. For example if you wanted to send new orders from Shopify into a Google spreadsheet, Zapier is what you would use. In our case we use it to either add to a recipient to a thanks.io mailing list or actually trigger postcards send right from another application. A sample use case would be sending thank you cards automatically to every new contact added in Salesforce. We are going to show you how something like this would be accomplished.

Before you can set up Zapier you must have set up the three things first.

  1. Image Template

  2. Message Template

  3. Mailing List

  4. Zapier Account

Add Connected Accounts:

Login to Zapier & connect your thanks.io account & whatever online application you wish to trigger the postcards sends (using the drop down). To see all your connected apps please follow this link:


Add a New Zap:

Head over to the "My Zaps" page, to start building the Zap that will trigger postcards sends from your selected application. Click make a zap.

For this example we are going to connect Google Sheets with thanks.io so that when a new row is added to a sheet it will trigger a postcards send.

Step 1: Choose the app you wish to trigger the sends, in this case, Google Sheets.

Step 2:  Set up the trigger event, which in this case is "adding a new row"

Step 3: Choose your account, pick the spread sheet to use & finalize the data.

....now your done with the trigger step

Step 4: Choose thanks.io from the "Do This" drop down.

Step 5:  Choose an action.

(For this example, we are using 'Send Postcard.)

  • Send Postcard - Send a postcard immediately. This recipient will not be saved to any list in thanks.io, but you can still cancel any orders within the 1-hour window.

  • Add Recipient - Adds any U.S. or Canadian mailing addresses to a list in thanks.io. You need to create a list first if you don't already have one setup.

  • Delete Recipient - Deletes a recipient with the same mailing address from a list in thanks.io

  • Send Letter - Send a letter immediately. This recipient will not be saved to any list in thanks.io, but you can still cancel any orders within the 1-hour window.

  • Send Postcard or Send Letter via Radius Search - In this zap, you will specify an address, or a set of GPS coordinates, and a radius. We will find all residential addresses within that radius and send the specified postcard or letter to all of them. The radius can be set from 01. to 10 Miles from the center point.

Step 6: Map the variables so that a postcard can send
You need map all the street and message data so that it sends correctly. Things to remember.

  • If you have address on one line add it to the full address field it doesn't have to broken into separate fields we can take it in one.

  • Same with full name if you don't have first and last name separate just add it to the full name field.

  • You need to either enter a message or pick a message template for the card to send.

  • You either need to select the image template or enter the URL of a self hosted 1875px X 1275px png or jpg for the postcard to send.

Step 7: Finalize

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