If you have your own mailing list we have an easy to use self service feature that enables you to upload a CSV file into thanks.io. You DO NOT need to format your CSV file in any specific way before uploading, we map the columns on the fly to accommodate this.

Step 1:  Create a New Mailing List
Click the "My Mailing Lists" button in the left navigation which will bring you here:

Step 2:  Click the "Add List" button
This will prompt you to select what type of list you wish to add. Please click on the "Upload From CSV" option

Step 3: Upload Your File
Select the CSV file from your computer. Please give the mailing list a name using 'Description...' for future reference.

Please note: The file has to be a CSV file. If you have an Excel file or something else you must export it to CSV first. For help doing so please click here for Excel or here for Google Sheets

Step 4: Map Your Columns
Make sure you map all the necessary columns so that your CSV file uploads correctly. Our system will try and do this automatically, but often you need to verify that name, address, city, state, zip at a minimum are mapped.

Once you're done mapping just hit "Save and Process" to save your mailing list.

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