You can send an email to from the email you registered with.

You can also send to send+{template_id}  (Like

If sent to everything in the body of the email will become the postcard left side. (Be careful because it'll grab everything in the body, including your signature so you'll want to remove all extra stuff.) 

If you sent to send+{template_id} the system will grab that template_id and use that for the postcard. 

The subject of the email must be in this format: recipient name, full address.

Like:  Alice Hunterwood, 1234 Main St Apt 123, Brooklyn, NY 11201

There are a number of situations where this might all be pretty useful. 

For one, it allows you to just fire off cards on the fly... perhaps as you leave a party and want to thank the host... or maybe as you're leaving the barbershop and you want to send a thank you card with your own url at the bottom.. possibilities are endless. 

Another interesting way to use this feature might be to automatically send cards to people filling out webforms on your website. You can send notifications of the form fill to the email with the subject and body formatted to reflect the inputted fields... 

Don't worry if you don't understand this last part... It's a little bit advanced and will be useful to the geeks who do get it :) 

If you need any help at all figuring out how to use the email feature to send cards, don't hesitate to ask for help by using the icon at the bottom left of this page...

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