This feature can be leveraged to create a unique postcard at the time it is needed. It's ideal for Agencies who may need a way to generate unique postcards for their Agents as needed without having to design a card before an order is placed.

Specifically, you can use the generator url to power a Zapier integration to generate cards for automatic sending as needed.

Each card is composed of different layers. The background sits at the bottom, the "Overlay" sits above that, and finally the header text, QR code, and Logo are all on the same layer at the top.

URL Structure:

  • id - This is the design ID that dictates where the placement of the elements will be such as the QR Code and heading text.
  • background_url - The background image for the postcard that sits beneath all of the other layers.
  • header - Large text on the card.
  • subheader - Small text on the card.
  • redirect_url - QR Code URL.
  • logo_url - URL to your company logo.
  • overlay_url - If you want to use a different overlay than what is associated with the ID number, you can specify a transparent overlay to sit on top of the background instead.

Dynamic Card Builder Interface

If you want to use a visual interface to construct the URL (instead of typing it out by hand) you need to generate your dynamic card, we've built one here.

Available Layout Samples (Default Overlays)

In the below examples, we'll be using our logo and this background image (1875x1275px):

Example URL

This is the URL that generates the card sample below for Layout id=1:

Card Samples

Layout id=1

Layout id=2

Layout id=3

Layout id=4

Layout id=5

Layout id=6

Layout id=7

Layout id=8

How To Use Dynamic Designs In Zapier

When configuring your Zap, in the send card action simply supply the builder URL with the parameters filled in, into the Image URL Field:


  • The image template field is only used when choosing a design from your image templates in
  • The 'Custom Background Image' is used for the address-side of the postcard, not the design-side.
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