Step 1: Log into and click on 'Send Now' at the top left.

Then, click on the letter option.

Step 2: Select or Create a letterhead/design.

  • To create: You can download a template file to upload using the 'Template' button, and then upload it using the 'Upload' button when you are done designing it in photoshop: 

Or, you can click on the 'Design' button to create a letter design in Canva. 

note: the 'C' icon can be clicked to edit a design you already have loaded.

  • To select: Simply click on one of the designs we have done already:

Once a design is chosen, or loaded, click on the 'Continue' button at the bottom.

note: if you choose to save the image as a template, you will find it saved in image templates in the dashboard after you finish this wizard.

Step 3: Add A Message

On this screen, simply enter the message you want to include on your letter. 

The total character limit depends on which font you have selected.

  • Letters give you the space you need to properly convince or thank someone.

  • When writing, make the letter more focused on the reader, than yourself. 

  • The message will begin from 1/3 down the page, with the top 1/3 being reserved for the recipient and return address.

  • Message templates for postcards and letters are different. If you cannot find a message template you've created before, it's likely saved as a postcard message.

  • The preview may be harder to read on your screen, but it is very legible in person. Send yourself a sample using some of your free credits!

  • Click here for more letter writing tips!

Click 'Save & Continue' at the bottom to move to the next step. As with the image before, you can opt to save what you've written as a template, which you can find after you've completed the wizard.

Step 4:  Selecting Your Mailing List

This step is where you will pick the recipients of your letter. We have five options to choose from depending on if you want us to build your list or if you have your own data you wish to upload.

  1. Map - The FREE map search allows you to draw on our map using our rectangle or polygon tool (found in the top right of the map). This is build a list of almost every residential (not commercial) address found in that selected region.

  2. Buy Leads - This paid option allows you to not just select residential but also business addresses to send to. You can future narrow down your search by area (zip, city, county, state, polygon) and demographics (income, gender, homeowner, business type, and much much more). The cost is very reasonable at $90 per 1000 addresses.

  3. Addresses - This allows you to manually enter a list of mailing addresses.

  4. CSV File - If you have your own CSV file this is where you would upload it. Please make sure when you do so that you map all the necessary fields or it will not work. If you get stuck you can reach out to support and we can help you upload.

5. Existing List - The last option is where you can select a list you already built. Just select it and it will use that as the list to send to.

Step 5: Review

On this final step, you will review everything that you've put together and then choose to mail it right now, or mail it later in a campaign.

To the right of the letter preview, you may choose an envelope design.

All of the designs available are free to use!

Below the envelope selection, you can also set your return address. If you choose a custom envelope, because it is printed on, the return address will not be printed. 

The 'Save For Future Sends' option will save the return address you enter to your settings. 

Finally, at the bottom, you can choose to send now or later.

Choosing to submit order will finish the wizard and place the order for review. You will have a one-hour window in which you can cancel the order before it's printed and sent to the post-office.

Choosing to send in a future campaign will automatically load your letter design and template, and chosen recipients into a campaign window. Simply select when you want it to send:

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