What you need:

How to send:

Open your email program of choice and compose a message. Fill in the following info:
TO: send@thanks.io
SUBJECT: mailing address
BODY: Message for the back of the card.

Note: It's a good idea to remove your email signature, if one is present.

How to send a SPECIFIC card:

When you send an email to send@thanks.io, it will use whatever you have set as your default card:

(Use the star button to set the default image.)

If you click on a card image you designed (magnifying glass icon), you can save the unique send email for that card:

Use that email in the TO: field to use that image as the card to send. 

Reminder: You have a one hour window to cancel any card orders you submit.
Reminder: You can change your default handwriting style in settings.

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