Our custom handwriting system is designed around one goal. To make the recipient of your postcard believe you took the time to hand-write them a personal note, thus increase the response rate of your mailing. We have found a 300% jump in response rate when a compelling message is pairing with our handwriting system.

How to design:

Step 1:  Create a New Message Template
Click the "Message Templates" button in the left navigation which will bring you here:

Step 2: Click the Add Message Button
This will open up our handwriting generator

Step 2a: Type & Name
Select what kind of message template you are creating, postcard or letter. Then give your template a name for future reference in the field to the right.

Step 3: Add Your Message
This is the important part! Keep what you need to say SHORT & SWEET. Remember this is a postcard not a letter & people don't want to read a book they just want to know what's in it for them.

For example a perfect message with a great call to action for a e-commerce review request postcard would be this:

Step 4: Handwriting Styles
We have 12 difference styles of handwriting. Pick the style that fits you the best, but just clicking on the sample style & your preview will automatically update.

Step 5: Mail Merge/Variables
If you wish to merge in data from your mailing list you can do that with our custom variables font in the right hand side of where you type. Just click on the variable to have it added to your message. Please make sure you add it exactly as we have it or it will not work.

Step 6: Saving Your Message
Once you're done with your message hit the big blue "save message template" at the bottom of the builder to save your message for future use.

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