When paired with our custom handwriting, a pretty picture does wonders at getting your postcard read & responded to. The main thing you want to remember when you design your postcard is, DON'T MAKE IT TOO COMMERCIAL LOOKING. That's right the more folksy/original it looks the more likely it will get a response.

How To Design:

First, Create a New Image Template
Click the "Image Templates" button in the left navigation which will bring you here:

You have two options for design. You can upload your own design, or you can create a design in thanks.io directly. On this image templates screen, select to design or upload a letter or card separately.

Option 1: Upload Your Own Design

For Postcards:

If you are uploading a card you already designed, make sure the image is 1875px wide by 1275px tall, in JPG or PNG format.

For Letters:

If you are uploading a letter you already designed, make sure the image is 2550px wide by 3300px tall, 300 DPI, JPG or PNG, Less than 10MB.

Tip: You can write your own letter by hand digitally, and upload that and not have to use a message template in mailing your letter.

For Notecards:

If you are uploading a notecard you already designed, make sure the image is 1800px wide x 1313px tall. The cut and bleed margins on notecards are on either side, and at the bottom, but NOT at the top.

Option 2: Create A Design In thanks.io Directly

For Postcards:

Click the "Design Postcard" button to launch the Canva postcard builder. 

"Templates" on the left is opened right away. 

Here you can search for template ideas like "Thank You" cards or "Direct Mail" cards or "Real Estate" cards. You can also click on the 'See All' link to the right of each suggestion for more ideas.

These card designs are amazing! It has 1000s of pre-build high end industry specific designs that are editable with ZERO design skills. The only things you need to remember are:

  • The back of the card can be designed at the same time. Just add another page that you will download separately. Click here for more information.

  •  If you use their premium stock photos, there is a cost of $1 for the design.

  • You will need to create a FREE  www.canva.com account to use this feature. (It will prompt you to do so.)

  • Click 'photos' on the left underneath 'templates' to find pictures.

  • To design using your own images, click 'uploads' further down on the left.

Once you done designing the front of your card hit the "save postcard" button in the top right to save your image.

For Letters:

Click the "Design Letter" button to launch the Canva letter builder. 

Generally speaking, you want to keep any design you do within the top right quadrant of the page, and at the bottom.

For Notecards:

After clicking the 'Design Notecard' button you'll see the requirements for the design in the following popup:

Notecards are folded, so there is no cut/bleed margin at the top, just on the bottom and sides.


Built in 'Templates' from Canva are opened right away when canva loads after you sign in.

Here you can search or browse for template ideas. Generally speaking you want to select or design a letter with elements in the top right and bottom left like in the example above.

There are also templates that we have created for you to use, on our website. You can access them here: https://www.thanks.io/designs

Follow the instructions on the page for the design to see how to access it via your thanks.io dashboard.

Editing Canva Images:

If you have an image already saved that you wish to make changes to all you have to do is click the 'C' edit image button in image templates:

Or, if you are sending a card or letter, you can edit it before continuing by clicking on the 'C'anva button on the preview:

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